Who are we?

Les Canards de Paris are part of a brand-new breed of ducks, that appeared in 2020 in Paris. Before settling in Paris, they experienced a very long gestation period. Six long years went by, that involved numerous private and public actors from the automobile and river industry.

Les Canards de Paris have unique features that place them apart from other ducks. Evolving mainly in urban areas and on the Seine river, they are quite noticeable because of their very large size (11m * 2.50m * 3.92m), their rounded spout that allows them a pleasant cruising speed (10km/h on average, up to 14km/h) and thanks to their wave-like coat, where a trained eye can distinguish shapes that probably appeared by biomimicry. These shapes are that of the formidable monuments one can find in their natural habitat.

What's more surprising, to evolve on the water, Les Canards de Paris don't have webbed feet. Instead, they are equipped with a nice propeller that works just like the ones that equip the boats they come accross all year long.