Booking the bus just for you ?

Team-building, birthdays, weddings, surprise, school visits, associations, work comittees, onboarding ...

We have three different formulas...

Our vehicle has room for 35 people

Coming as a big group on a regular tour

The regular tour with other passengers

Enjy a 10% discount for a group of 10pax or more. You just have to book directly you tour using the "book now" button below.

Other passengers might embark along with you on this regular tour. Thak you for coming in alltogether !

The discount will apply directly when you choose 10 pax or more...

The fully private regular tour

Enjoy the bus just for yourselves

Enjoy the bus for your group only on ur regular itinerary !

The quotation might change depending on the time of the year, of the week and on the chosen deprture time.

To get a detailed quotation, please write us at

The fully private customized tour

Fully customised : departure & arrival point, decorations, music, guide etc

Do you have a special itinerary inmid ? A specific place for pick-up and arrival ? A speech you'd like to give, a tasting, a special request ?

Tell us all, so we can get back to you shortly !