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The Company Les Canards de Paris, hereinafter referred to as "Les Canards de Paris" or "la Société" is a simplified joint-stock company with capital of 244.196 euros, having its registered office at 7T rue du docteur Arnaudet, 92190 Meudon, France, registered at RCS Nanterre under number 804 796 829.

Les Canards de Paris is pleased to offer on its website www.canardsdeparis.com (hereinafter "the Site") an online ticketing service to book its tourist services, in particular amphibious coach tours in the Paris region.



"Site" means the website accessible via the url www.canardsdeparis.com, whatever the terminal used to access it: computer, television, telephone, tablets and smartphones of all brands, and generally any terminal allowing the reception, consultation and use of the services presented there (reservations of a Service, consultation, downloads etc), from France or from abroad;

"User (s)" means any person, individual or professional, who consults the site www.canardsdeparis.com;

"Customer (s)" means any user who has paid for a Service, whether an individual or a professional, the Service has been booked by telephone, on the Site or directly with a staff member. sale of the Company.

"Reservation (s)" means any firm and definitive order of a service performed from the Site, by telephone or directly from a sales staff of the Company.

"Benefit (s)" means the organization of a tourist visit conducted by the Company for one or more Clients.

"Confirmation Email (s)" means the summary e-mail sent to a Customer after a Reservation. The confirmation email proves that the Customer, who is the user of the mail box concerned, is entitled to benefit from a Service organized by the Company that corresponds to the characteristics presented in this email (date, time, number of participants, ...) .

"Personal Data" means your name, postal address, e-mail, telephone number, and more generally any data concerning you which is collected through the use of the Site and which has a personal character within the meaning of current French legislation;

"Price" means the unit value of a Service; this value means all taxes included;


Any Reservation placed on the Site, by telephone or directly with one of the sales personnel of the Company is in full acceptance of all the general conditions of sale which appear below.

The applicable Terms of Sale for a Reservation are those that were in effect at the time it was confirmed.

General provisions

Unless otherwise specified in the special terms and conditions contractually agreed with customers or partners, the performance of the Services is subject to the provisions of these general conditions of sale, also known as "ToS", which prevail over all general conditions of purchase, the latter not being not opposable to the Company.

The Company reserves the right to modify any part of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. You are therefore invited to regularly review these Terms and Conditions which are permanently accessible on the Website at the following address: https://www.canardsdeparis.com/fr/conditions-generales/.

In case of refusal of the Customer to accept these Terms, the latter agrees not to use the Site or any of the services available on the Site.

If one of the provisions of these ToS was found to be void or unenforceable, the remainder of the ToS would remain in force, unless the invalidated obligation is an essential obligation whose removal or cancellation would prevent the continuation whole terms and conditions.



The Reservation of a Service can be done by various means: an order by phone, an order by the booking module, a purchase directly from a dedicated sales staff. In any case, by making a Reservation, Customers acknowledge having read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

In accordance with Article L 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, you do not have a right of withdrawal.

A Reservation of a Customer placed by phone or on the Site is firm and final only upon receipt of the Booking Confirmation Email sent by the Company, which also acts as proof of purchase. The Company can not be held responsible for the consequences that could result from the non-receipt of a Confirmation Email if the Personal Data entered by the User at the time of placing an order has been the subject of an error of seizure of its share, or that the confirmation email has been classified in SPAM by the Customer's mail service.

Reservations made directly to a dedicated sales staff of the Company do not give rise to the sending of a confirmation email but instead, they give rise to the edition of a receipt that works proof of purchase.

Conduct of a Reservation on the Website or by telephone

To place a Reservation on the Site or by telephone, Users are invited to select a date and a number of participants corresponding to an available slot. At the time of confirming this Reservation, the Users must then check that these elements correspond to their choices. If any of these elements are not suitable, Users can at any time correct the elements of their selection. Customers acknowledging that Personal Data is processed by the Company for the purpose of customer relationship management and prospecting and must be requested to enable the proper conduct of each Reservation. These data will always be strictly used for the realization of this operation and will therefore never be resold to a third party.

The prices mentioned on this site are expressed in euros and, except contrary mention, are prices TTC. Payment for a reservation made online or by phone is made at the time of the order, by credit card. These payments are secured by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol so that the transmitted information is encrypted and that no third party can be aware of it during transport on the network.

As soon as the payment is validated by the Company, a confirmation email is sent directly to the Customer. This confirmation email, which contains the essential elements allowing the smooth running of the service, will be sent within a maximum of one day following the order date.

Booking calendar

The dates, times and routes offered on the site are given as an indication, with a schedule aimed at optimizing the rotations of vehicles in a day as much as possible and in advance.

Therefore, these dates and times change regularly depending on the bookings actually made or depending on possible privatizations of our vehicles.

We therefore invite you to reserve your place (s) in advance to ensure that a convenient time and date is maintained. If a tour offered on the site has not been booked at least 15 minutes before its departure time, Les Canards de Paris reserves the right not to provide this tour. To be valid, a booking for a tour must therefore be made at least 15 minutes before the departure of this very tour.

To book at times and / or for routes other than these on the site, we invite you to contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Protection of personal data

The protection of your data is important to Les Canards de Paris. By visiting this site, data that concerns you may have been stored by our services. To find out how to process this data, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, please refer to our "Privacy Policy" tab on this page. You have the right to access, rectify and delete this data. To exercise this right, please contact .

The Company does not transmit any personal information to third parties for prospecting purposes, but may be required to disclose it to bodies and authorities legally empowered, to the extent that disclosure is required or authorized by law, or when the Company judges it necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws and other texts, or to protect or defend its rights or those of its employees, customers or any other person.

Rates and promotional offers

The prices associated with the Services are displayed on the booking page. All prices quoted include applicable local taxes. Les Canards de Paris reserves the right to modify the prices of any services at any time and without notice.

The Company Les Canards de Paris may occasionally offer discounts or promotional offers, with or without promotional code. The codes in question are generally valid for a single transaction. In this case, once the code used, the Customer recognizes that the offer is no longer valid.

The Company Les Canards de Paris assumes no liability for discounts or promotional offers published on external websites. The Company reserves the right to withdraw any discount or promotional offer at any time without notice.


Any Reservation made on the Site may be canceled by the Customer, through his Booking Email or directly by phone at 01 84 60 61 00.

If this cancellation occurs more than 72 hours before the date of said Benefit, the Customer is entitled to request a full refund of it (except for a 2€ fee by our payment provider). If the cancellation of a reservation takes place between 24 hours and 72 hours before the service, this cancellation gives right to a refund corresponding to 50% of the total amount already settled. On the other hand, if the cancellation takes place less than 24 hours before the Service, this cancellation does not give right to any refund.

Unfortunately, the cancellation of a Reservation does not give rise to an automatic refund due to technical limitations of the booking module used on the Site. Reimbursement requests must be sent to or by phone at 01 84 60 61 00.

If, in the circumstances under its control, the Company proves to be unable to provide you with a Benefit to which you are entitled, Customers may also request a full or partial refund of the price corresponding to this Reservation. Any request for reimbursement must then be sent in writing to or by telephone at 01 84 60 61 00.

To facilitate these refund procedures, please bring the reference contained in your confirmation email to attach it to your claim.

Finally, note that the Company will not violate these Terms and can not be held responsible, in case of delay in performance or non-performance of all or part of a Service if said delay in execution or said no -execution is the result of events, circumstances or causes beyond its reasonable control.


To enable the smooth running of a Service, each customer acknowledges that he / she must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for the service at the point of departure indicated on the Site. In case of delay in relation to these 15 minutes, in order not to penalize other Clients, each Customer also acknowledges that he may be refused entry into the vehicle.

To enable boarding, each Client is required to present his Confirmation Email or cash receipt to Company staff who request it, so that this person can ensure that the Client can claim the Service by checking in particular the number of participants involved, the corresponding amount that has been paid, the date and time of the Service in question, information that appears on this proof of purchase.

Company staff may request to see an identity card or the credit card used in the Reservation to ensure, if any, that the confirmation email submitted has been sent to the person concerned. In general, the impossibility for a Customer to present this Email and, if requested, to prove that it is a confirmation Email from his personal mailbox may constitute sufficient and valid reason on which the Company can rely to deny access to a given Benefit.

Children on board

Clients who have reservations on behalf of children recognize that for every child on board, at least one accompanying adult is required, and in the case of family, at least two adults per four children.

Children under the age of 2 years old are unfortunately not accepted on board.

Place and time of departure

The Company strives to provide as precise as possible venues and times for its various Services. However, it reserves the right to change this place and the departure times without notice if the circumstances so require.

Route and duration

The Company reserves the right to modify the itinerary of a Service in the event of an event or parade but also to avoid excessive road traffic on its route or when it constitutes a precautionary measure for circumstances beyond its control.

The duration of a service is between one hour thirty minutes and two hours.

Accidents or loss of objects

Customers are required to monitor their belongings. In no event shall the Company be held liable for any form of loss, whether direct or indirect, or for any damage or inconvenience, whatever the cause, unless it results from negligence of part of it. In this case, the Company's liability would be limited to the maximum reimbursement of the price of the Service, except in the event of death or injury.

Drink consumption on board

Alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden for the duration of a Benefit. On the other hand, the customers can sip what they want provided that this drink does not contain alcohol!

Behavior on board

Les Canards de Paris wishes to offer Services in complete safety, which take place in an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere.

To achieve this, in its sole discretion, the Company may require a Client to descend from a vehicle if it considers his behavior offensive or harmful to other passengers, or if such behavior constitutes a risk to the safety of that person or other passengers. The Company will not assume any other responsibilities in this regard.


On board a Company vehicle, when traveling on the road, Customers acknowledge that they must be seated with their seat belts closed, in accordance with the applicable regulations for that class of vehicle.

On the other hand, when the vehicle is moving on the water, customers have the obligation to detach their seat belts. In navigation, customers are also required to follow safety instructions as well as to obey crew orders relating to safety.

Photographs and videos taken by Les Canards de Paris

You hereby agree that the Company may take photographs and videos of any vehicle during a Service and you consent that such photographs and videos, if they include images of you, may be used in promotional materials of the Company, including on the Site and on social networks. In any case, Les Canards de Paris will endeavor not to use photographs or videos on which a single individual would be present and clearly visible without having first obtained his explicit consent. Any image on the Site is incorporated exclusively for the purpose of illustration.

Precedence of laws

If at any time any part of these terms and conditions is in conflict with the laws of any jurisdiction in which you use the Site, the laws of that jurisdiction shall prevail only to the extent of the inconsistency in question.

Applicable law

The General Conditions are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and / or execution falls under the arbitration of the Court of Nanterre.

Thank you for using our services and congratulations to you if you have read this page in its entirety!

See you soon on board!

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