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Article 1. Scope and definitions

1-a: Scope:

The Société Les Canards de Paris offers sightseeing tours in amphibious coaches.

These General Conditions of Sale define the rights and obligations of each party, that is to say the Customer(s) and the Company. The Customer using the Service Provider acknowledges having read these general conditions of sale, also called “CGV” and accepts them without reservation when making a Reservation. Except for special provisions provided for in the special conditions contractually agreed with Customers or partners, the performance of the Services is subject to the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions which prevail over all general purchasing conditions, the latter not being enforceable against the Company.

The applicable General Terms and Conditions concerning a Service are those which were in force at the time it was confirmed by a Reservation.

The Company reserves the right to modify any part of these General Conditions of Sale at any time. You are therefore invited to regularly read these General Terms and Conditions which are permanently accessible on the Site at the following address: https://www.canardsdeparis.com/fr/conditions-generales/.

If the Customer refuses to accept these General Terms and Conditions, the Customer undertakes not to use the Site or make a Reservation by any other possible means.

If one of the provisions of these T&Cs were found to be null or unenforceable, the rest of the T&Cs would remain in force, unless the invalidated obligation is an essential obligation whose deletion or cancellation would prevent the continuation of the entire General Terms and Conditions.

Each party undertakes to actively collaborate for the successful completion of the Service.

1-b: Definitions:

“Les Canards de Paris” or “the Company” or “the Service Provider” means Les Canards de Paris, a simplified joint stock company with capital of 244,196 euros, having its head office at 7T rue du Docteur Arnaudet, 92 190, Meudon, France, registered with the RCS Nanterre under number 804 796 829, party to this contract.

“Individual Customer(s)” means any individual who has made a Reservation for themselves alone or for a group of less than 10 people, the Service having been reserved by telephone, on the Site or directly with the sales staff of the Company. Individual Customers are parties to this contract.

“Client(s)-legal entity” means any legal entity or group of individuals equal to or greater than ten people who have reserved a Service from the Company, the Service having been reserved by telephone, on the Site or directly with staff. sales of the Company. The Clients-legal entity are parties to this contract.

“Client(s)” refers to both individual Client(s) and legal entity Client(s).

“Site” refers to the Website accessible via the url www.canardsdeparis.com, regardless of the terminal used to access it: computer, television, telephone, tablets and smartphones of all brands, and generally any terminal allowing reception, consultation and use of the services presented there (Reservations of a Service, consultation, downloads etc.), from France or from abroad;

“User(s)” means any person, individual or professional, who consults the Site www.canardsdeparis.com;

“Reservation(s)” means any firm and definitive order for a Service on the Site, by telephone, by email, from sales personnel of the Company, by signing a quote or by payment of a Invoice.

“Service(s)” means the organization of a tourist visit carried out by the Company for one or more Clients.

“Confirmation email(s)” means the summary email that is sent to a Customer following a Reservation. The confirmation email proves that the Customer, who is the user of the email box concerned, is authorized to benefit from a Service organized by the Company which corresponds to the characteristics presented in this email (date, time, number of participants, etc.). ).

“Personal Data” means your name, postal address, email, telephone number, and more generally any data concerning you which is collected through the use of the Site and which is of a personal nature within the meaning of the legislation current French;

“Price” designates the unit value of a Service. These Prices are expressed in euros and, unless otherwise stated, this value is inclusive of all taxes.


Article 2. Prices and promotional offers

The Prices associated with the Services are displayed on the Reservation page. All Prices shown include applicable local taxes. Les Canards de Paris reserves the right to modify the Prices displayed on the Site for all Services at any time and without notice.

The Société Les Canards de Paris may occasionally offer discounts or promotional offers, with or without a promotional code. The codes in question are generally valid for a single transaction. In this case, once the code is used, the Customer acknowledges that the offer is no longer valid.

The Société Les Canards de Paris assumes no responsibility relating to reductions or promotional offers published on external websites. The Company reserves the right to withdraw any discount or promotional offer at any time and without notice.

For legal entity Customers, the Prices charged may be different from those displayed on the Site. Legal entity Clients acknowledge that the dates of application and the duration of validity of the prices for a given Service, which are expressed in €, are those which appear on the quote corresponding to this Service. There is no fixed price for Services. A deposit may be requested before carrying out the Service according to the terms of the quote.


Article 3. Discount codes

Some Reservations can be made by using a reduction code (ticketing, CE, gift vouchers, etc.).

In the event of cancellation of a Service, Customers who have booked using a reduction code cannot claim a total or partial refund of the value of this code. They can only be offered a postponement to a later date.


Article 4. “On demand” services

The Company's Services are performed "on demand". This means that the dates, times and itineraries offered on the Site are given for information purposes only, with no requirement that they be carried out according to a predefined route, nor at times agreed in advance, nor according to a predefined regularity. When a tour does not reach the minimum quota of 5 participants, even if the tour has been published online, it may be canceled at the discretion of the Company. Furthermore, Customers are informed that the schedules and route of a Service are also likely to be modified by the Company at its discretion. The published schedules are those which make it possible to optimize the Services and they can be modified at the request of the client according to the possibilities of the Company.

To book at times and/or for routes different from those presented on the Site, we invite you to contact us by email or by telephone.


Article 5. Process of a Reservation

The Reservation of a Service by a Customer can be made by different means: on the Canards de Paris Site, by telephone, on a partner Site, with sales staff. In all cases, by making a Reservation, Customers acknowledge having read and accepted these General Conditions. They also acknowledge that in accordance with article L 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, they do not have a right of withdrawal.

To make a Reservation on the Site or by telephone, Customers are invited to choose a date and a number of participant(s) corresponding to an available slot. They are also required to provide a valid email address consulted regularly as well as a valid telephone number, including the precise code of their country, and from which they remain easily reachable at all times. When confirming this Reservation, Users acknowledge that they must therefore check the correct conformity of all the aforementioned elements. If one of these elements is not suitable, Users can correct them at any time. Customers acknowledge that Personal Data is processed by the Company for Customer relationship management and prospecting purposes and must be requested to enable the smooth running of each Reservation. This data will always be strictly used to carry out this operation and will therefore never be resold to a third party.

Payment for a Reservation made online or by telephone is made at the time of ordering, by credit card. These payments are secured by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol so that the information transmitted is encrypted and no third party can access it during transport on the network.

As soon as the payment is validated by the Company, a confirmation Email is sent directly to the Customer. This confirmation Email, which includes the essential elements allowing the smooth running of the Service, will be sent within a maximum of one day following the order date.

A Reservation from a Customer placed directly on the Site is only firm and final upon receipt of the Reservation confirmation Email sent by the Company, which also serves as proof of purchase. The Company cannot be held responsible for the consequences that the non-receipt of a confirmation Email could have if the Personal Data provided by the User at the time of placing the order was the subject of an error in entering the on their part, or that the confirmation Email has been classified as SPAM by the Customer's email service, or not received due to a lack of storage space.

If the Reservation is modified by the Customer directly or by the Company at the request of the Customer, this modification cancels and replaces the previous Reservation.

In the particular case of a Reservation placed directly with a mobile sales staff of the Company, for example at the point of departure using a POS, the Reservation gives rise to the issue of a ticket. cash register or a digital receipt, each of which, where applicable, serves as proof of purchase if the Reservation confirmation Email has not been sent.


Article 6. Progress of a Service

6.1: Location and departure times

Events outside the Company's control may force it to change the location and departure time of a given Service, sometimes shortly before said Service. The Company therefore reserves the right to change the location and departure times without notice if circumstances require it.

In any case, the Company strives to provide departure locations and times as accurate as possible and to notify each Customer of possible changes. To this end, Customers acknowledge that they are required, during the Reservation process, to provide a valid and regularly consulted email address, as well as a full telephone number, including the call sign to reach them from the France and which makes it easy to reach them at any time.

6.2 Itinerary and duration of a Service

The Company reserves the right to modify the route of a Service in the event of an event or parade but also to avoid excessive road traffic on its route or when this constitutes a precautionary measure for circumstances beyond its control. control.

The duration of the Services is given as an indication due to the hazards of the road and the river (traffic jams, demonstrations, breakdowns, works, diversions, use by other boats of the launching ramp). Passengers acknowledge that they must plan to have no obligation at least 2 hours after the theoretical end time of the Service.

6.2bis Itinerary and duration of a Service for the specific period from March 1, 2024 to November 4, 2024

Clients acknowledge that due to the disruptions linked to the organization and holding of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, for the period extending from February 1 to November 4, 2024, the Company is not required to carry out its Services over a route and for an always identical and precise duration. To best adapt to these disruptions, modifications may relate to the location of the starting point, the location of the arrival point, the duration of the visit on land, the duration of the visit on the river , the possibility that the river part is not insured, as well as on the monuments encountered on a readapted route. As this is an exceptional event that has never taken place before, the constant developments and changes linked to the organization and holding of the Olympic Games cannot be predicted. Consequently, the impacts are not known and the Société les Canards de Paris cannot be held responsible for the changes necessary to provide the Services over this period.

6.3: Placement on board

Seats on board are numbered. The Company prepares placement so that families or groups within the same Reservation are not separated. Clients acknowledge that they must respect this placement. If the Company has not prepared a seat, Customers have the option of choosing their seat based on the time they presented themselves for boarding.

6.4: Meeting time - 15 minutes before the start of the Service

Customers acknowledge that the Services take place on the day, at the place, for the duration and on the date indicated on the quote or on the last confirmation email corresponding to this Service.

On the day of the Service, the Client undertakes to be present at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time at the agreed meeting place for the start of the service, in order to enable it to run smoothly. The Client acknowledges that if he is not on site 15 minutes before the start of the Service, the Service Provider is not required to carry out the Service, it nevertheless remaining due in full by the Client, without postponement or refund possible. If the Client is not present 15 minutes before the start of the Service but it still takes place, the Client acknowledges that the route on the road or on the water may be shortened in order to ensure that the Service ends at the previously agreed time.

6.5: Lack of toilets

Customers acknowledge that they are informed of the absence of toilets on board the vehicle and the impossibility of getting out and getting back into it for the entire duration of a Service. Customers must therefore make their arrangements before the Service. In the event that a Customer requests to get off during the Service, he acknowledges that he will then lose his place because the vehicle may leave without him.

6.6: Boarding

To board, each Customer is required to present their confirmation Email or receipt to the Company's personnel who request it, so that this person can ensure that the Customer is eligible for the Service by checking in particular the number of participants concerned, the corresponding amount which has been paid, the date and time of the Service in question, information which appears on this proof of purchase.

The Company's staff may ask to see an identity document or the bank card used for the Reservation to ensure, where applicable, that the confirmation Email presented has been sent to the person concerned. Generally speaking, the inability for a Customer to present this Email and, if requested, to prove that it is indeed a confirmation Email from their personal email inbox may constitute sufficient and valid reason. on which the Company can rely to refuse access to a given Service.

6.7: Strollers and bulky luggage

Customers arriving with strollers or bulky luggage are informed that they will not always be able to board with these personal effects for practical reasons of space. The Company offers the possibility of storing strollers or bulky luggage in a van parked for this purpose at the point of departure, to be returned at the end of the Service, only to the extent that the Customer has made the request at least 24 hours before said Service and subject to space availability and technical feasibility.

6.8 Passenger behavior

Les Canards de Paris wishes to offer Services in complete safety, which take place in an entertaining, respectful and relaxed atmosphere.

Customers acknowledge that they are required at all times to obey the safety instructions of the personnel on board. Passengers who are clearly intoxicated will be refused boarding and will not be refunded or rescheduled.

At its sole discretion, the Company may require a Customer to exit a vehicle if it considers their behavior inappropriate, offensive or harmful to other passengers, or if this behavior constitutes a risk for the safety of this person or that of others. passengers. In this case, no compensation or postponement will be required: the Company will not assume any other responsibilities in this regard.

6.9 Welcoming children

Children under 2 years old are not accepted on board.

Individual Customers who have made Reservations on behalf of children acknowledge that for each child on board, at least one accompanying adult is required, and in the case of families, at least two adults for four children.

6.10 Security

Customers acknowledge that they must be seated with their seat belts fastened when the vehicle is moving on the roadway, in accordance with the regulations applicable for this category of vehicle. They also recognize that under no circumstances should they extend their arm out of the window.

When sailing and on the road, Customers are required to follow safety instructions as well as obey the orders of crew members relating to safety. When the vehicle travels on water, Customers are required to unfasten their seat belts.

Any accident occurring to a Customer in a context where these measures have not been respected cannot under any circumstances be attributed to the Company.

6.11 Consumption of drinks or food

The consumption of alcohol, food or drinks is strictly prohibited throughout the duration of a Service, unless expressly agreed by the Company. Water is allowed on board.

6.12 Welcoming animals

Animals are prohibited on board, unless explicitly agreed by the Company.

6.13 Lost items and accidents

Customers are required to monitor their personal belongings. Under no circumstances can the Company be held responsible for any form of loss, direct or indirect, nor for any damage or inconvenience, whatever the cause, unless they result from negligence on the part of the Company. the part of it. In this case, the Company's liability would then be limited to the maximum reimbursement of the Price of the Service, except in the event of death or injury.

6.14 Photographs and videos taken by the Company

You hereby agree that the Company may take photographs and videos of any vehicle during a Service and you agree that these photographs and videos, if they include images of you, may be used in promotional materials for the Company. Company, including on the Site and on social networks. In any case, Les Canards de Paris will endeavor not to use photographs or videos in which a single individual is present and clearly visible without first obtaining their explicit consent. A Customer who takes photos or makes a video must obtain the agreement of the other people on board and assumes sole responsibility if he has not done so or if there is a dispute. Any image appearing on the Site is included exclusively for illustration purposes.


Article 7. Receipts, Invoices, terms and conditions of payment:

Reservations for individual Customers are always paid before the Service. This payment does not result in the sending of an invoice. Instead, each Reservation of an Individual Customer results in the sending of a Confirmation Email which also serves as a receipt.

Reservations from Customers-legal entities give rise to the issue of an invoice. The Service includes everything explicitly listed on said invoice. As a corollary, she does not understand what is not indicated on the said invoice.

The deadline for payment of the balance of the invoice by the Clients-legal entity is set at the 30th day following the execution of the Service, the company not applying any discount. The payment methods accepted by the Service Provider are transfers, checks and cash (for an amount less than 3,000 euros in the latter case).


Article 8. Late payment penalties:

In the event of late payment by a Client-legal entity, the interest rate which will be used to calculate the penalties owed by the Client corresponds to the semi-annual key rate of the European Central Bank (ECB), in force on January 1 , increased by 10 points.

For any professional, in addition to late payment compensation, any sum, including the deposit, not paid on its due date will automatically produce the payment of a lump sum compensation of 40 euros due for recovery costs ( Art. 441-6, I al. 12 of the Commercial Code and D. 441-5 ibidem).


Article 9. Cancellation and refunds

9.1 Cancellation by the Service Provider:

The Service Provider will do everything in its power to ensure the smooth running of its Services.

In particular, the Service Provider reserves the right to assess the navigability of the river. If the safety conditions linked to river navigation are not met, the Service Provider may either cancel the trip completely or maintain it only for its land part. Any Service completely canceled by the Service Provider will be postponed within a period not exceeding December 31 of the year concerned. When a Service is maintained only on its land part, Customers acknowledge that they cannot benefit from a reduction exceeding 30% of the corresponding amount.

9.1.2 Force majeure

Under no circumstances may the Service Provider be required to pay any compensation or reimbursement in the event of cancellation of a Service or changes to its itinerary, times or duration for the following cases of force majeure: weather no favorable (violent winds, frost, heatwave, extreme conditions), but also floods or low water not allowing navigation, poor state of the waterway in general, contraindications from administrative authorities, terrorism, demonstrations on the public highway, demonstration on the waterway or on the access path to the waterway (launching ramp), mechanical problem, as well as any obstacle linked to the preparation or holding of the games Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024, and in general, any event that could jeopardize the safety of the vehicle, passengers or staff. The Service Provider also reserves the right to cancel all Services at any time for these cases of force majeure.

For legal entity Clients and any individual client who has booked for a group of more than 10 people, if during the execution of its obligations, the Service Provider finds it impossible to continue or perform its Service due to force majeure lasting for more than 3 weeks, the Service Provider may unilaterally terminate the contract, automatically and without the intervention of a judge. The concept of force majeure above is understood as defined by case law at the time of signing the estimate.

9.2 Cancellation by an individual Customer (when the number of people concerned does not exceed 9 individuals)

In accordance with article L 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, you do not have a right of withdrawal.

Any Reservation placed on the Site can be canceled by an individual Customer using their Reservation Email, by sending an email to contact@canardsdeparis.com or directly by telephone at 01 84 60 61 00.

The refund policy for Individual Customers is as follows:

  • Reimbursement of the full amount if canceled at least 72 hours before your tour (less 2 euros of fees captured by our payment provider);
  • Refund of half the amount if canceled between 24 and 72 hours before the tour (less 2 euros of fees captured by our payment provider);
  • No refund possible if canceled less than 24 hours before the tour.

For purchases made from Sites or third-party resellers: see their own cancellation policies.

The cancellation of a Reservation does not give rise to an automatic refund due to technical limitations of the Reservation module used on the Site. Reimbursement requests must therefore be sent to contact@canardsdeparis.com or by telephone at 01 84 60 61 00.

If, under circumstances within its control, the Company proves unable to provide a Service to which the Client is entitled, Clients may also request a total or partial refund of the Price corresponding to this Reservation. Any request for reimbursement must then be sent in writing to  contact@canardsdeparis.com or communicated by telephone at 01 84 60 61 00.

Finally, note that the Company will not contravene these General Conditions and cannot be held responsible in the event of delay in execution or non-execution of all or part of a Service if said delay in execution or said non-execution -execution results from events, circumstances or causes beyond its reasonable control.

9.3 Cancellation by a Customer-legal entity (or group of individuals of 10 or more individuals) – withdrawal period:

In accordance with article L 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, you do not have a right of withdrawal.

However, any Service can be canceled free of charge if it occurs 21 days before the date provided for in the approved quote. If the Service is canceled after this period, a deduction of 50% of the total Price of the Service will be made by the Service Provider. Finally, the Total Price of the Service will be required for any cancellation occurring 72 hours or less before the start of the Service.


Article 10. Applicable law, precedence of laws and competent court

If at any time any part of these T&Cs conflicts with the laws of a jurisdiction in which a Customer uses the Site, the laws of that jurisdiction will prevail only to the extent of the contradiction in question.

Any dispute that cannot be resolved amicably will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the commercial chamber of the Nanterre Commercial Court.


Article 11. Protection of personal data

The protection of your data is important to Les Canards de Paris. By visiting this Site, data concerning you may have been stored by our services. To find out how this data is processed, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, please refer to our “Confidentiality Policy” tab on this page. You have the right to access, rectify and delete this data. To exercise this right, please contact contact@canardsdeparis.com.

The Company does not transmit any personal information to third parties for prospecting purposes, but may disclose it to legally authorized bodies and authorities, to the extent that disclosure is required or authorized by law, or when the Company deems it appropriate. necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws and other texts, or to protect or defend its rights or those of its employees, Customers or any other person.

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